It adds up: Bethany students excel at Olympics


Bethany Christian Academy was the host school this year for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) District Math Olympics.

Students from local Christian schools participated in the event.

Bethany represented Westminster well with outstanding results.

The following students from Bethany won the following awards:

Computation Results:

5th Grade: Antonio Benitez, 3rd place; Kristen Olvera, 5th place

6th Grade: Emma Stiles, 5th place

7th Grade: Tiffany Nguyen, 1st place with Honors

8th Grade: Kara Gentry, 4th place; Candace Ramirez, 1st place with Honors, and a perfect score.

Reasoning Results:

3rd Grade: Elijah Van Reenen, 2nd place

5th Grade: Caleb Santa, 4th place

6th Grade: Isaac Chikami, 1st place with Honors; Joseph Griffin, 2nd place

7th Grade: Brayden Nguyen, 1st place; Nathan Torres, 3rd place

8th Grade: Micah Bull, 2nd place.

Courtesy photo

In the back row, standing from left, are Bethany Christian Academy students

Candace Ramirez, Kara Gentry, Tiffany Nguyen, Brayden Nguyen, Emma Stiles, Kristen Olvera, Caleb Santa, Antonio Benitez and Nathan Torres. In the front row, kneeling from left, are Elijah Van Reenen, Micah Bull, Joseph Griffin and Isaac Chikami. The students excelled at the recent Association of Christian Schools International District Math Olympics.