Student’s film lauded at awards ceremony


Irvine Intermediate School student Carly Nguyen won first place in the Intermediate Film Category at the 20th annual Holocaust Art & Writing Contest sponsored by Chapman University and The 1939 Society. The short film titled “Regardless of Our Differences” is about helping others in need, no matter the differences we may have with them.

Carly’s film drew inspiration from the testimonial of Johannes de Vries, who was instrumental in saving the lives of Jewish citizens during World War II. Hearing his story made Carly realize that Johannes and his family were courageous because they helped others in need, even if it meant risking their own lives.

“Congratulations to Carly for her first-place submission,” said Dina L. Nguyen, Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education trustee. “GGUSD students are creative and insightful scholars who have a deep understanding of what true kindness is.”

Irvine had a total of three students submit work to the competition including Evelyn Martinez, who was a participant in the arts category, and Vian Nguyen, who was a finalist in the poetry category. The three students were among over 8,000 participants from around the world.

Courtesy photo


From left Irvine Intermediate School students and award winners Evelyn Martinez and Vian Nguyen and Carly Nguyen enjoy a moment with their teacher, Mrs. Tartaglini, far right, at the 20th annual Holocaust Art & Writing Contest Awards Ceremony recently at Chapman University. Carly Nguyen placed first in the Intermediate Film Category.